Application Details

Instructions for moving towards Qianhai 



  • Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub (referred to as “E Hub”) is the infrastructure invested by Authority of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hongkong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen (referred to as “Qianhai Authority”)
  • The bureau, the Shenzhen Youth Federation, and the Hong Kong Youth Association all work together to coordinate operations.
  • Starting operation in December of 2014
  • The Youth Association is E Hub’s collaboration platform, responsible for recommending outstanding young entrepreneurs to move into E Hub.
  • Recruiting in Hong Kong, accepting and reviewing applications, recommending new enterprises to the “Dream Workshop” division, and offering entrepreneurial support for established businesses are all part of the job description.


Application Eligibility:

  • The applicant must be a Hong Kong resident aged 18 to 45, be the company’s founder, the largest shareholder, and actively participate in the company’s operation and management;
  • The applicant company must not have been in operation for more than five years.
    The “Industry Access Project for Shenzhen Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone,” which focuses on technical innovation and cultural and creative sectors, must be followed when submitting a company application.
  • A successful applicant must create a new firm in Qianhai, with a registered capital that corresponds to the company’s size. (According to E Hub’s registration paperwork, firms that settle in the accelerator must have a registered capital of at least RMB 2 million in concept; enterprises that settle in the incubator must have a registered capital of RMB 5 to 2 million.)


Required Documents:

  • Application Form
  • Business Plan
  • Resume Form for Youth Entrepreneur
  • Basic Information of Entrepreneurial Team Members 
  • A copy of the applicant’s and his entrepreneurial team’s personal ID card and a copy of relevant qualification certificates, such as work certificates
  • Copy of business registration certificate in Hong Kong (if applicable)
  • A copy of the Hong Kong company registration certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of annual declaration form in Hong Kong (if applicable)
  • If the company is operating in the Mainland, please produce copies of all valid Mainland permits and licenses required for its business (if applicable)
  • Copy of audited financial report (if applicable)
  • Patent or copyright certificate (if applicable)
  • Organization Chart
  • Why settle in Qianhai and plans
  • Timetable for business development (one and three years), including promotion, recruitment, financial plan, etc.