Our Youth Entrepreneurs

  • 882Car is the first C2B auctioning marketplace for scrap-ready vehicles. It aims to solve the problems arising from imperfect information in the market. Utilising simple, everyday technology channels, we connect sellers of scrap-ready vehicles with corporate and individual buyers. Individual sellers submit their scrap-ready vehicles directly on the digital platform for open auction to all potential buyers, even the independent buyers whom sellers could have never reached before, providing them the best price and most convenient car-scrapping experience ever. Website:  http://www.882car.com/
  • Aesir Limited delivers aesthetic visual design services and products to enrich learning, social connection and well-being. We focus on creating interactive solutions using latest technologies, such as augmented-reality, human-scale motion tracking system and holographic projection.   Website:  http://www.aesir.hk/
  • Team’s List is a collaborative to-do list software package (and mobile application) that is simple, convenient, and cloud synced. Team’s List aims to increase transparency and collaboration in working environments to enhance overall productivity. Website:  http://www.aftrinity.com/
  • Artisenses Limited offers a memorable scent workshop to all perfume lovers. Come and stimulate your senses, learn the techniques and make your signature perfume! Website:  http://www.artisenses.com/
  • Cafe Time promotes the “Future Coffee Coupon,” which is designed for young people to help them get fit and smart in society. For the price of a cup of coffee, young people can interact with experienced people who are able to offer tips on work and life. This will also build social capital and promote the succession of knowledge.
  • Chillazy is a simple and cozy place for people to take a break and get recharged. It stresses the importance of building a peaceful and relaxing vibes for clients and provides additional free services and facilities to upgrade the user experience. 網址:  http://www.chillazy.hk/
  • CoachUs is a sports platform where users can find their favourite sports coaches and events online. It allows reservation and payment made online and coordinating their training sessions. It also offers sports product review written by the experts and also talent representation service.   Website:  http://coachus.com.hk/
  • Dolphin Concepts Limited is a strong engineering team with experience and knowledge in developing wireless sensory network products as well as capability in developing mobile device apps. We have full of mad ideas and concepts which drive the user experiences to next tier. We focus on developing wireless connectivities related products and concerns and care about user experience and their behaviors. Website:  http://www.dolphinconcepts.com/home.php
  • {DunDum} aims at a Win-Win-Win situation 1) To provide a seller-friendly service for hassle-free cash-back and free home space. 2) To encourage buyer to purchase quality-vet second-hand or upcycled items with confidence. 3) To promote reusing and reselling, and to reduce waste and landfill burden for our environment. Website: http://www.dundum.com/
  • Easy Care is a marketplace for health-care industry, which is going to revolutionize the home care industry with standardize services and pricing via App-based marketplace. Users can now simply keying in the location, schedule and service type on our App. Multiple professionals with past ratings will be available for the user to select and after payment online is confirmed on the app, the user can comfortably sit back knowing the service has been confirmed on their date of choice. Everything is done over our mobile app within 1 minute, there will be minimum follow up to secure a service provider. Website: […]
  • Eco-Greenergy Limited is a social enterprise providing easy and sustainable solutions, focusing on the food waste problem. We lease and sell food waste machines and conduct educational workshops. It is envisioned that driving the first Hong Kong Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, a territory-wide movement to collect and upcycle waste coffee grounds, can create greater awareness of food waste recycling in the community. Website:  http://www.eco-greenergy.com/
  • Elderpal is developing a wearable device to monitor the elderly health situation. It will make use on health care and nursing service to make it more comprehensive. The device will collect daily life data of the user and do analysis by the team. Website:  http://elderpal.hk/
  • Gracewise is an online platform to discover kids’ potential by Kidschool, Kidsprenuer and Kidsgospel. All of them are organized by kids and they can become teachers, entrepreneur and blogger on this platform. Website:  http://gracewise.hk/
  • HelloReporter provides affordable PR service to SMEs, startups and social enterprises. The service includes media and interviewee matching, D.I.Y press release distribution and standardized PR service. Website:  http://www.hellopr.io/
  • HOHO Group Limited is a stylish select shop offering innovative and lifestyle products to the active ageing population. Our collections are handpicked carefully from all around the world, offering better and quality choices for our active seniors and enabling them to stay socially active and enjoy retirement joyfully with style and dignity. Our vision is to break stereotypes and revitalize the perspective towards ageing, creating a more accepting and optimistic future for our community. As we believe ageing is a process for everyone rather than a burden to the society, suitable active ageing facilities and products empower seniors to live […]
  • iMasteRoom is an award winning Edu-tech startup business as well as the first professional e-learning platform in Hong Kong. We target to provide various professional organizations with comprehensive e-learning solution, from course production to e-learning platform management. Learners would like to access and enjoy their online courses without any time and venue constraints. To date, we have produced over 50 hours courses and self-developed a responsive learning management system (RLMS), which is applicable to any professional education. iMasteRoom aims to be the most premier online provider of professional courses, recognized for excellence in teaching and innovative educational tools. Website:  http://imasteroom.com/en
  • Longevity Design House uses unwanted construction materials to make homes more elderly-friendly. It provides services on elderly home design and reform, building materials recycling and renewal, and selling elderly products. It has won various green architect / social enterprise awards.
  • Maboo is a platform to free the part-time talents through matchup between service projects and potential employees, so as to quantify their work capabilities and build online portfolio.   Website:  http://maboo.com.hk/
  • Made in Sample is an up-cycling company. It recycles the new material samples and hires retired garment workers to make new products, e.g. cushion bags, rulers, etc. Green living is its core value and it aims to renew the materials’ life by simple design. Website: madeinsample.com/
  • Master Archer discovers the sport of Archery Tag®. With professionalism, and a fun-loving attitude, we desire to promote principles that go beyond even traditional archery; such as teamwork, good sportsmanship, and physical exercise; leaving a lifelong impact on every player. At Master Archer, we truly love what we do. Our hope is to leave them with something more than simply wonderful memories. Website:  http://masterarcher.hk/
  • Natural Fruit serves to take the hard work out of eating fruit for customers. Our main product is freshly-cut fruit cups to be directly delivered to offices, schools, or institutes with quality and hygiene control. All you have to do is to enjoy the quality fresh fruits!
  • Talk-Now is making a wearable device for deaf-mute which can translate the meaning of sign language to voice and text. Deaf-mute can “talk” with general public by sign language after wearing “Talk-Now”.
  • Passber provides an innovative mobile sales platform to link up SMEs and consumers. With our comprehensive automated system and fair service fee, Passber can help SMEs promote their products effectively. Consumers will also be awarded cash coupons, thus creating a win-win situation. Website:  http://passber.com/
  • The Pokeguide app is an essential all-in-one destination guide providing users with the fastes way to reach their desired MTR Station, and recommendations of leisure activities, appealing cuisine, shop discounts, and benefits near their destination. You can now save time sorting out not just travel but also the best plans and deals of your day in just one app! Website:  http://www.pokeguide.com/
  • Reconnect Limited is a charity non-profit organization (NGO) that runs environmental education program at schools in Hong Kong. Through interactive teaching materials, we instill environmental values and thus influence their behaviour. With a strong vision to education the future about the environment, Reconnect provides a series of fun and educational environmental programs. Our Programs provide a high quality education experience for the students to learn how to protect the environment in a practical way. The Program is a spin-off from the “Reconnect” concept, which refers to the connection that the human being have with the environment. Website:  http://reconnect.org.hk/
  • Shineway Enterprise Limited provides one stop services, from design and exploitation to pragmatic application ( i.e. apps launching / web hosting ). we aim to fulfil specific needs and demands of various businesses, as well as provide the best and effective IT solutions. We provide free consultations and professional insights to help our clients to make the best of their business needs. By designing flexible and targeted frameworks instead of using one off campaigns, we aim to optimize client’s sales analysis process and boost profits in the most economical way. We have rich experience in Website, Mobile Apps and Software […]


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