Information on Qianhai

The “Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone” (commonly known as “Qianhai”) is located in Guangdong Province, China, on the west bank of Qianhai Bay. Hong Kong and Macau share a 15-square-kilometer border with it. The public transportation system is convenient and extends in all directions; the next 10 minutes will be spent using it. With direct access to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, 15 minutes to Hong Kong International Airport, and 30 minutes to Hong Kong Central, this hotel is in the center of the Pearl River Delta Bay Area.

Qianhai is regarded as the “Special Zone in the Special Zone” and is a “Guangdong-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Zone.” It will lead the way in terms of reform and opening up, implementing a variety of reform and innovation measures and making every effort to develop the modern service industry.

Qianhai’s industrial industries include finance, contemporary logistics, information services, technology services, artistic creativity, and other professional services. With a goal of becoming a major productive service center in the Asia-Pacific region and a worldwide service trade hub by 2020, Qianhai will have a building size of 26-30 million square meters.

Qianhai will follow the general policy of “relying on Hong Kong, serving the Mainland, and facing the world,” effectively learning from Hong Kong’s successful experience in the rule of law, internationalization, and marketization, promoting Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation across the board, bolstering comprehensive and in-depth reforms in the Mainland, and fully exploiting institutional innovation.

Shenzhen has the largest proportion of entrepreneurs of any Chinese city*. At the end of 2016, the number of financial enterprises registered in Qianhai totaled 50,900, accounting for 46.6 percent of the city’s total number of businesses. Yujia is one of them, with 40 banking financial institutions, 88 securities financial institutions, 22 insurance financial institutions, over 2,000 financial leasing enterprises, over 4,000 commercial factoring firms, 36 minor loan firms, and 280 credit guarantee firms. In January 2020, Qianhai launched a free trade account system.

If you wish to learn more about Qianhai, go to, the website of the Qianhai Administration.

*Data from the People’s Republic of China’s Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, 2013.