Youth Social Innovation School

Social innovation thinking can turn “impossible” into “possible”. By understanding how to allocate resources, we can work towards the betterment of society, creating social value and positive benefits.


The “Youth Social Innovation School” is organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and funded by the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged of the Social Welfare Department and King’s Flair International (Holdings) Limited. The aim of the program is to promote social innovation and breakthrough traditional education approaches, which emphasize diversified learning. The program seeks to enhance the social awareness and innovation skills of students in Forms 1 to 4, exploring various community issues and designing solutions, such as sustainable development, aging population, and ethnic minorities.


The program includes a 4-day social innovation training workshop, visits to local social enterprises or social innovation businesses, dialogues with social innovation entrepreneurs, and participation in “The Age of Social Innovators” competition. This year, the “Social Innovation Think Big!” annual festival will also be held to broaden students’ horizons. This program can enhance students’ career planning skills, practical skills, and future competitiveness, and learn from different social enterprises how to promote positive social development.


This program will lead students to explore their potential, cultivate their passion for society, and use innovative thinking to solve social problems. It also encourages students to make more attempts in personal career planning and seek more opportunities.



The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups


Funded by:

The Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged of the Social Welfare Department and King’s Flair International (Holdings) Limited.


“The Age of Social Innovators”:

“The Age of Social Innovators” will launch various activities, including a 4-day social innovation training workshop, visits to local social enterprises or social innovation businesses, dialogues with social innovation entrepreneurs, etc. The program aims to promote awareness of community issues, such as poverty, education, housing planning, health, aging population, and environmental conservation among local Form 1 to 4 students. The program will use design thinking and social innovation approaches to solve problems and design solutions. The “Innovation – Creation” competition will also be held, allowing students to experience and learn the path of innovation.



  • Local full-time From 1 to 4 students
  • Students who are currently receiving “School Textbook Assistance Scheme/Student Financial Assistance Scheme” with full or half subsidies or are receiving “Comprehensive Social Security Assistance” *;
  • Students with slightly lower grades or assessed as having learning difficulties *;
  • Ethnic minority youth will be given priority.
  • Each school can register up to 20 students and one teacher as a contact person (each school must arrange one teacher contact person to handle the details and arrangements for the activity).
  • Students who are interested in improving their social innovation, analytical, public speaking, and other soft skills.

*Note: Signed letters from principals or teachers are required as proof.



Free of charge


1. Social Innovation Training Workshop (4-day full-day course – a total of 10 on-campus classes):

  • Introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship, social innovation, and human-centered design
  • Social Innovation Magic School 1: Observation × Association × Empathy × Creativity (Design Thinking)
  • Social Innovation Magic School 2: Awareness × Dialogue × Reflection × Action (Self-awareness, Designing Life)
  • Social Innovation Magic School 3: Community Innovation Project Sharing
  • Mastering Big Data Analysis – Exploring Social Issues
  • Issues × Experience × Reflection × Design (Designing for a chosen community)
  • Drafting Social Innovative Creative Project Proposals
  • Practical marketing skills, application concepts and tools
  • Presentation skills
  • Simulated speeches-Enhancing pitching ability

Teaching mode: Face-to-face teaching

Language of instruction: Cantonese


2.Visit Social Enterprises and Dialogue with Social Innovation Entrepreneurs

The participating students will be arranged to visit a local social enterprise or social innovation business and have a dialogue with social innovation entrepreneurs to understand their social innovation and entrepreneurial journey and experiences.

(Every attending student can receive a transportation allowance of HK$30.)

Location: To be confirmed


3.”Innovation – Creation” Competition

Students who participate in the training workshop will learn how to write proposals and enhance their presentation skills. They will pitch their innovative proposals to professional judges in the competition to deepen their learning experience. Each school needs to submit at least one proposal and a maximum of two proposals. After the evaluation, the winning team will receive a book voucher (Champion: HK$5,000 book voucher, 1st Runner-up: HK$3,000 book voucher, and 2nd Runner-up: HK$2,000 book voucher).

Winning schools will be provided with exhibition booths at the “Social Innovation Think Big!” festival to showcase their social innovative creative ideas and engage with the public.


Format and Submission Content of the “Innovation – Creation” Competition:

Preliminary Round: Social Innovative Creative Proposal, 3-minute video introduction, and presentation.

Final Round: Implementation of the problem-solving solution (e.g., model, product prototype) and presentation.

Once the proposal is submitted, no further modifications will be allowed. The Secretariat will send a confirmation email upon receipt of the proposal.


4.Focus Group

The Secretariat will invite participating students to join a focus group and express their opinions and learning experiences about the activity.


“Social Innovation Think Big!” Festival:

Students can experience different art experiences and be inspired by various guest speakers to share sustainable community development and social innovation concepts during the three-day “Social Innovation Think Big!” festival from 16th to 18th December 2023 (From Saturday to Monday). In addition, the event will lead students to rediscover their community, explore the social innovation ecology and sustainable development opportunities, and connect with community development.

Registration dates and event details will be announced later.


Application Procedure and Timeline:

Procedure Date
Online Briefing Session 3rd May, 2023 (Wednesday)

9th June, 2023 (Friday)

Deadline for Online Application Submission 19th June, 2023 (Monday)
Social Innovation Training Workshop

(4-day full-day course – a total of 10 on-campus classes)

July 2023
Visit Social Enterprises and Dialogue with Social Innovation Entrepreneurs Early August 2023
Deadline for submission of social innovation creative proposals, 3-minute video introduction, and presentation 15th August, 2023
“Innovation – Creation” Competition – Preliminary Round 26th August, 2023
“Innovation – Creation” Competition – Final Round 10th September, 2023
Focus Group October 2023 (Tentative)
“Social Innovation Think Big!” Annual Festival (3-Day) 16-18 December 2023
(From Saturday to Monday)


Registration Method:

  • Only online registration is accepted. Please submit the online form by 5:00pm on June 19, 2023 (Monday). Late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Schools that have successfully registered will receive a confirmation letter within 5 working days. Please complete the form and send the required information by post to this email address,, by 5:00pm on July 5, 2023 (Wednesday).
  • Limited places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.



  • Students who have an attendance rate of 80% or above will be awarded a certificate of attendance.
  • The organizer reserves the right to publish and promote the images, videos, and text submitted by the applicants.
  • The personal data collected for this program and the photos and videos taken during the event will be used for promotional purposes, including but not limited to publications for The Age of Social Innovators” competition, annual reports, distribution on websites, and transmission of information to the media, social media, and judges. Participants must agree to grant the copyright of the recorded videos or photos to the organizer.
  • Successful applicants must register as members of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and provide their membership numbers.


1. If a student has already registered as a member of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, can they still apply?
Yes, please present your registered membership number before the event.

2. Does the school need to appoint at least one teacher as the contact person?
Yes, the designated teacher will serve as the main contact person between the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and the school to handle various details and arrangements of the event.

3. Can the designated teacher be changed during the program?
Yes, please inform the current designated teacher about the change.

4. What should be done if a student cannot attend a class?
Please inform the colleagues of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in advance and submit a leave letter by email.

5. Do participating students need to be from the same level?
No, students can come from different levels, but they must be in grades 7 to 10.

6. Do participating students need to attend the “Social Innovation Think Big!” Festival Annual Meeting?
Yes, they do.

7. Can schools invite other students to apply for the “Social Innovation Think Big!” Festival?
It depends on the maximum number of participants for the event.


The organizer reserves the final decision-making power over the event and competition in case of any disputes.

Contact Us:
The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Tel: 3595 0945 / 3956 8001
Address: Room B-E, 11/F, Genesis, 33-35 Wong Chuk Hang Road, HK
Facebook Page: hkfyg.sic