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  • Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: Strategy of Design Thinking and Creative Solutions for Startups
    成日話做嘢要創意無窮,但點先叫做有創意? 成日話銷宣要有同理心,但點先代入到客群? 成日話不斷試唔同方法,但點先能切中要點? 疫情期間更加要利用設計思維大膽創新,大膽假設用唔同方法糾正,一定搵到最有效良方! 今次我地邀請咗專家達人,包括Mr. Edward Li, Founder & CEO, Twitchy Finger Ltd. 及 Mr. Keith Li, Co-founder and CEO, Innopage,教您如何喺思考經營問題,及早諗出制勝策略! 日期:2020年6月11日(星期四) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名: ——————————————————————— 香港青年協會 #香港青年創業計劃 獲Google慈善基金會Google.org贊助和「青年創業國際計劃」支持以上活動
  • HKTDC Entrepreneur Day
    Dates: 16-17 July 2020 (Thu-Fri) Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Highlights: Start-up Runway A two-day start-up forum comprising a plenary session, thematic talks, sharing sessions and pitching PITCHATHON A series of pitching events happens in the anchor entrepreneurial event. With the presence of high-quality start-ups and top investors, this would definitely be the event you do not want to miss! Start-up Clinic Customised consultation services exclusive to start-ups and entrepreneurs Fund & Mentor Business Matching Session One-on-one matching for start-ups to meet with potential investors and mentors to gain entrepreneurial advice and funding More Information
  • HKFYG SIC Summer Course – Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation
    This 6-day (10-14,17/8) course aims to equip Form 1 to Form 4 students with the 21st Century Skills, with the focus of entrepreneurship and social innovation. Through this course, youngsters can understand the social problems in Hong Kong and try to draft a business plan to improve the world a better place. Key Skills that will be Covered in the Course – Creativity and entrepreneurial mindset – Problem solving skills – Communication skills – Collaboration skills – Empathy and caring – Knowledge of practical online tools to expedite the process of social innovation Target F.1 – F.4 students in the […]
  • Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: The Challenges of Setting Up / Owning a Restaurant Business & Food Startups
    餐廳食肆網購成行成市,如何從中脫穎而出? 疫症流行餐飲寒冬,如何渡過困難危機? 利潤增長臨到樽頸,如何找到一片藍海? 今次我地好榮幸邀請到本地連鎖生蠔零售店OCEAN THREE 創辦人Hamish和壹品豆品董事總經理Mr. Jeff Law,為大家分享經驗,如何喺疫情期間創業及守業,在艱難間提升競爭力! 想了解更多飲食業心得嘅你,當然唔好錯過今次寶貴嘅機會啦! 日期:2020年5月28日(星期四) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名:
  • Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: What’s the Role of Digital Marketing for Startups?
    喺網上做咗大量業務宣傳但係瀏覽數量不成正比? 想投放資金落網絡宣傳但係又唔知邊個渠道適合自己公司? 疫情下可以點樣善用digital marketing 宣傳產品? 對網絡營銷有疑問嘅青年創業家可以嚟參加我地嘅online consultation,今次我地邀請咗Digital Marketing 專家為大家解答疑難,包括Ivan So, Digital Consultant, Hdcourse Limited和Mr Gary Tong, Digital Strategist, DT Digital,報名從速! 日期:2020年5月14日(星期四) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名: (名額有限,先到先得)

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  • YBHK helps Young Entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    HKFYG Youth Business Hong Kong Launches a Series of Programme to Support Young Entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 Pandemic   Youth Business Hong Kong (YBHK), operated by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG), will support local entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Youth Business International (YBI) is rolling out a Rapid Response and Recovery Programme, funded by Google’s philanthropic arm,, that supports underserved micro, small and medium businesses across the globe in response to the COVID-19.   The unprecedented global economic downturn due to the challenges brought on by the pandemic has rendered small and medium businesses especially vulnerable. With tighter and tighter profit […]