HOHO Group Limited

HOHO Group Limited is a stylish select shop offering innovative and lifestyle products to the active ageing population. Our collections are handpicked carefully from all around the world, offering better and quality choices for our active seniors and enabling them to stay socially active and enjoy retirement joyfully with style and dignity.

Our vision is to break stereotypes and revitalize the perspective towards ageing, creating a more accepting and optimistic future for our community. As we believe ageing is a process for everyone rather than a burden to the society, suitable active ageing facilities and products empower seniors to live positively, healthily & independently. Our missions are to offer good choices in support to “ageing in place” such that our active agers can enjoy their lives gracefully at their own places and truly live up to our goal – “active ageing”.

Website:  http://www.hoholife.com.hk/