April 23, 2020

Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: What’s the Role of Digital Marketing for Startups?

喺網上做咗大量業務宣傳但係瀏覽數量不成正比? 想投放資金落網絡宣傳但係又唔知邊個渠道適合自己公司? 疫情下可以點樣善用digital marketing 宣傳產品? 對網絡營銷有疑問嘅青年創業家可以嚟參加我地嘅online consultation,今次我地邀請咗Digital Marketing 專家為大家解答疑難,包括Ivan So, Digital Consultant, Hdcourse Limited和Mr Gary Tong, Digital Strategist, DT Digital,報名從速! 日期:2020年5月14日(星期四) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名:https://forms.gle/PjmmMGJp3uEqEL1y9 (名額有限,先到先得)
April 1, 2020

Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: Challenges in Marketing & Practical Ideas for the Start-ups

您提供優質貨品或服務,但係又無目標客群注意到? 您在社交媒體購買廣告,但係又沒法提升公司營業額? 您已議訂公司發展策略,但係在演算法下寸步難行? 或者,你只忽略了細微的「關鍵」! 無論實體或網上經營,市場營銷主宰公司命運。 理解現實營銷難處,就可以更快洞悉真正市場商機。 今次我地邀請咗專家達人,包括有PACO Communications Director Philip, 仲有Hotmob Chief Operating Officer Keith,喺疫情期間利用網上對話形式,幫大家提升marketing 效能! 日期:2020年4月17日(星期五) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名:https://forms.gle/2xebH1W9ZXkiiVHK6
March 5, 2020
Business Clinic

Business Clinic

Experiencing difficulties with your Start-up? Looking for advices from professionals? Business Clinic is the monthly event organised by the HKFYG Social Innovation and Youth Business Unit to support young entrepreneurs. Participants will be given 8 minutes to present their business/ideas and state their pain points to a GROUP of mentors who are either entrepreneurs, senior management of corporates or practitioners in the Start-up ecosystem, followed by Q&A and a small group mentoring session (3-4 mentors to 1 case). Format: 8 mins Presentation + 7 mins Q&A 60 mins small group mentoring session (3 groups in parallel) Date: 27 March 2020 (Friday) Time: 10:00 – […]