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April 26, 2019

Start-up Mixer 2019@Entrepreneur Day

“Start-up Mixer” is an innovative “speed-dating” business advice session for Hong Kong start-ups supported by successful entrepreneurs, angel investors and sector experts. Over 100 young and robust youth entrepreneurs, together with 10+ business leaders will come together and share their insights and challenges, facilitating start-ups to scale-up. Sign up NOW! When & Where? Date: 17 May 2019 (Friday) E-Day Venue: Start-up Clinic, Hall 1D, HKCEC Time: 1445 – 1645 (1430 registration) Language: Mainly Cantonese Application deadline: 10 May 2019 / when seats are available; first-come-first-served How does it work? Like speed dating, you will be arranged in groups and make […]
August 28, 2019
Startup Zone

HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

Opportunities are found in every corner of the fairground! The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (autumn Edition) 2019 will be held from 13-16 October. In 2018, 3,743 exhibitors were able to attract over 63,500 buyers from 139 countries and regions flocked to this fair in the confident expectation of seeing the latest technology. Hall of Fame showcases over 560 world-famous brands Startup Zone collects new revolutionary concepts from world’s tech startups. Series of events such as Startup Pitching, Seminars, Entrepreneur’s SHaring, as well as Product Launch held alongside ensures a rewarding exposure for startups. Tech Hall comprises six important tech […]
March 5, 2020
Business Clinic

Business Clinic

Experiencing difficulties with your Start-up? Looking for advices from professionals? Business Clinic is the monthly event organised by the HKFYG Social Innovation and Youth Business Unit to support young entrepreneurs. Participants will be given 8 minutes to present their business/ideas and state their pain points to a GROUP of mentors who are either entrepreneurs, senior management of corporates or practitioners in the Start-up ecosystem, followed by Q&A and a small group mentoring session (3-4 mentors to 1 case). Format: 8 mins Presentation + 7 mins Q&A 60 mins small group mentoring session (3 groups in parallel) Date: 27 March 2020 (Friday) Time: 10:00 – […]
April 1, 2020

Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: Challenges in Marketing & Practical Ideas for the Start-ups

您提供優質貨品或服務,但係又無目標客群注意到? 您在社交媒體購買廣告,但係又沒法提升公司營業額? 您已議訂公司發展策略,但係在演算法下寸步難行? 或者,你只忽略了細微的「關鍵」! 無論實體或網上經營,市場營銷主宰公司命運。 理解現實營銷難處,就可以更快洞悉真正市場商機。 今次我地邀請咗專家達人,包括有PACO Communications Director Philip, 仲有Hotmob Chief Operating Officer Keith,喺疫情期間利用網上對話形式,幫大家提升marketing 效能! 日期:2020年4月17日(星期五) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名:
April 23, 2020

Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: What’s the Role of Digital Marketing for Startups?

喺網上做咗大量業務宣傳但係瀏覽數量不成正比? 想投放資金落網絡宣傳但係又唔知邊個渠道適合自己公司? 疫情下可以點樣善用digital marketing 宣傳產品? 對網絡營銷有疑問嘅青年創業家可以嚟參加我地嘅online consultation,今次我地邀請咗Digital Marketing 專家為大家解答疑難,包括Ivan So, Digital Consultant, Hdcourse Limited和Mr Gary Tong, Digital Strategist, DT Digital,報名從速! 日期:2020年5月14日(星期四) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名: (名額有限,先到先得)
May 5, 2020

Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: The Challenges of Setting Up / Owning a Restaurant Business & Food Startups

餐廳食肆網購成行成市,如何從中脫穎而出? 疫症流行餐飲寒冬,如何渡過困難危機? 利潤增長臨到樽頸,如何找到一片藍海? 今次我地好榮幸邀請到本地連鎖生蠔零售店OCEAN THREE 創辦人Hamish和壹品豆品董事總經理Mr. Jeff Law,為大家分享經驗,如何喺疫情期間創業及守業,在艱難間提升競爭力! 想了解更多飲食業心得嘅你,當然唔好錯過今次寶貴嘅機會啦! 日期:2020年5月28日(星期四) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名:
May 21, 2020

Meet the Mentors Online Consultation: Strategy of Design Thinking and Creative Solutions for Startups

成日話做嘢要創意無窮,但點先叫做有創意? 成日話銷宣要有同理心,但點先代入到客群? 成日話不斷試唔同方法,但點先能切中要點? 疫情期間更加要利用設計思維大膽創新,大膽假設用唔同方法糾正,一定搵到最有效良方! 今次我地邀請咗專家達人,包括Mr. Edward Li, Founder & CEO, Twitchy Finger Ltd. 及 Mr. Keith Li, Co-founder and CEO, Innopage,教您如何喺思考經營問題,及早諗出制勝策略! 日期:2020年6月11日(星期四) 時間:下午3時至5時 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名: ——————————————————————— 香港青年協會 #香港青年創業計劃 獲Google慈善基金會Google.org贊助和「青年創業國際計劃」支持以上活動
June 1, 2020

How Your Online Business Could Adapt, or Even Scale During the Pandemic?

突如其來嘅疫情令各行各業大受打擊。但有危就有機,疫情改變大家生活同社交習慣,越來越多人願意嘗試甚至習慣網上服務,為網購、網上教學、雲端商業服務等網上業務帶黎難得嘅機遇。 今次香港青年協會邀請到熟悉跨境電商及跨境支付嘅Kary,香港網店平台SHOPLINE嘅Plato,以及SEO、WordPress、數碼營銷專家Ivan So黎一場online fireside chat,傾傾疫情之下可以點樣調整業務,甚至逆市擴張! 日期:2020年6月15日(星期一) 時間:下午3:00 – 下午4:00 形式:Fireside Chat + Q&A 語言:廣東話 參與平台:Zoom 立即報名: (名額有限,先到先得) ——————————————————————— 香港青年協會 #香港青年創業計劃 獲Google慈善基金會Google.org贊助和「青年創業國際計劃」支持以上活動
June 2, 2020

Business Clinic

疫情逐漸緩和,業務係時候重上軌道! 今次Business Clinic邀請到香港青年創業家總商會董事Moses Moyung,以及Eidealink Public Relations Limited董事Flora Pun,為青年創業家及中小企提供商業諮詢服務。 日期:2020年6月17日(星期三) 時間:下午2:30 – 下午5:30(每節30分鐘) 參與模式:Zoom 立即報名: (名額有限,先到先得) ——————————————————————— 香港青年協會 #香港青年創業計劃 獲Google慈善基金會Google.org贊助和「青年創業國際計劃」支持以上活動 #hkfyg #sic #businessclinic #business #clinic #startup #enrolnow #innovation #consultation #zoom #feedbacks