Carbon Linking Limited

The HK government has set a target to bring down the carbon emission per capita from 4.5 tonne in 2020 to 3.2-3.8 tonne by 2030, a herculean task equivalent to planting 450m new adult trees by 2030 to reach our 2030 goal. According to PORI HK survey in 2020, people have demonstrated their willingness in taking part in low carbon living, with younger generations most concerned about how climate change impacts their future. However, the majority of people “feel powerless or clueless about what to do”. As a result, Carbon Linking aims to fill the problem gap.

Our goal is to develop a digital platform that enables users to discover, share and execute a low carbon lifestyle through personalised content containing carbon reduction products, services and information.

最近的研究指出,極端天氣事件(如極端乾旱、洪水、高溫和寒冷)發生的機會率因為氣候危機而倍增。在 2022 年,極端天氣已在不同程度影響了全球人民的糧食和 能源安全。根據 PORI 調查,市民表現出參與低碳生活的意願。然而他們“對做什麼缺乏